Orion1 Extended


light curtain


หมวดหมู่ : Safety


Orion1 Extended light curtain
Easy to use light curtain for finger and hand detection, with advanced functions

The Orion1 Extended light curtains are used for finger or hand detection, when the light guard should be close to the hazardous zone and advanced functions like muting or cascading are necessary.

Main benefits

Muting sensors are connected directly to the light curtain, with no need for a remote extra muting module.
No dead zone and the resolution is guaranteed along the whole length of the light curtain with no need for extra mechanical guard.
Cascading with the standard units, no separate slave or master units.
The alignment level being displayed, the alignment can be improved before the occurrence of the unwanted stop.
Coding protects against mutual interferences.
Extensive error indication reduces troubleshooting time.
 Main features

Finger and hand detection
7 m and 20m operating distances
Local reset and EDM
Muting and Blanking
No dead zone


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