Simple, Cost Effective, Multi-purpose V/Hz Drive


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L510 Simple, Cost Effective, Multi-purpose V/Hz Drive

A compact, robust, and versatile AC Drive with standard modbus communication. Offering the most economical motor drive solution for industrial applications and OEM's.

Key Features

110V  and 230V single phase;
200V/ 400V three phase
0.37 – 2.2kW (up to 11 kW under development)
V/F (SLV under development)
No cooling fan on frame 1
Integrated EMC filter, C2 (C1 option)
EMC filter earth link disconnector
32 bit CPU
ModBus / RS485 integrated, Profibus, DeviceNet, CANopen and Ethernet (TCP/IP) options
Multi pre-set speeds with individual Acc/Dec times
RJ45 Interface
Multifunction I/O
PID control with 4 modes
PC programming software
Remote keypad / Copy unit option
650Hz output frequency


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