Advanced, Top performing, Full Vector Drive


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A510 Advanced, Top performing, Full Vector Drive

Designed for heavy overload  and demanding applications  such as crane, lift, elevator, drill, punching and pressing machines. Auto-tuning function enables the best performance to be obtained from the motor providing optimum motor and system efficiency.  A510 has Integrated control for induction and permanent-magnet motors.

Key Features

3ph 200V or 400V from 0.75kW till 315kW
Five motor control modes – V/F, V/F with feedback, Current Vector control with & without feedback, PM Vector COntrol with Feedback
Dual core processor, 100mhz RISC processor and ASIC
Removable LED Keypad; LCD as option
Intergrated EMC filter
0-400Hz output frequency (1200Hz via special Parameter)
150% & 120% (HD & ND) with 200% torque at 0HZ
Speed / Torque / Position Control
Built-in PLC function (By Ladder Program)
Braking Transistor built-in up to 22kW
Built-in DCL (above 55 kW)
Built-in Modbus (RS485) RJ45 Connector
Profibus, DeviceNet, TCP/IP, CANopen options
Expansion port for Encoder option boards
690V Option under consideration
UL/CE/Gost certification


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