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Universal safety relays
Sentry USR models are universal safety relays and the same model can be used with most types of safety devices which reduces stock and saves warehouse space. Maintenance personnel also have fewer models to learn.

All Sentry USR models have a display on the front for simple configuration. The display also offers extensive indication about the status and error messages for the relay.

Sentry USR10 and USR22 are each suitable for monitoring emergency stop buttons, safety switches, OSSD-devices, two-hand devices and contact mats/bumpers/edges. 

Main features

One model for all applications
Up to PL e/SIL3
Simple configuration using display to select between preset configurations and custom configuration
Advanced timer functions 0 to 999 secondsPrecision of 0.1 second up to 100 seconds and 1 second over 100 seconds
Accuracy of ± 1%
Display with extensive status information
Multi-reset allows one reset button to reset up to 10 safety relays
Lighting and flashing of the reset button managed by the Sentry safety relay
Extensive LED indication
Removable terminal blocks


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