Compact emergency stops and push-button boxes


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Compact emergency stops and push-button boxes
Smile emergency stop is a small and easy to install emergency stop. The size of the device makes it possible to be installed wherever you want. It comes with M12 connection or cable, and the centralised mounting holes makes it especially easy to mount on aluminum extrusions.

Smile 41 push-button box gathers up to four push-buttons and emergency stop button in a single compact device. Two series of Smile 41 is available - a set of models for standard Pluto and another set of models adapted for AS-i Safety. 

Main benefits

Compact housing makes it easy to place
Easy connection
Easy troubleshooting
Serial connection in accordance with Cat 4 (Tina models)
Main features

Compact size
M12 connector(s)
LED indication
Tina models (for dynamic safety circuits)
AS-i models


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