Orion1 Base


Light Curtain


หมวดหมู่ : Safety


Orion1 Base Light Curtain
Easy to use light curtain for finger and hand detection

The Orion1 Base light curtains are used for finger or hand detection, when the light guard should be close to the hazardous zone.

Main benefits

Easy to use - no more functions or settings than necessary.
A local reset button can be connected directly to the light curtain: no need for cable between the reset button and the electrical cabinet or for an extra control module.
Alignment help facilitates alignment
Rotation brackets simplify alignment
The alignment level being displayed, the alignment can be improved before the occurrence of the unwanted stop.
Extensive error indication reduces troubleshooting time.
 Main features

Finger and hand detection
6 m and 19 m operating distances
Compact dimensions
Local reset and EDM
Type 4
M12 connection


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